Monday, July 20, 2015

Hank Williams Festival

Johnny Rodriguez was the main attraction on Saturday nite.  We were greatly looking forward to seeing him as I'm sure many others were also.  I must say he was a BIG disappointment.  Not because he can't sing but for the simple reason that the sound was so far off that we couldn't understand  a thing he was saying or singing.  The audience was mostly older people and I believe that over 1/2 got up and walked out.  We complained after the show to the people in the sound booth in the back of the stadium.  They said they had completely turned their sound off.  Mr. Rodriguez left the stage immediately after the show but the band members were still on stage so we complained to one of them and he claimed it was the fault of the people in the sound booth.  Since there were no problems hearing but one of the other groups I'm thinking it was the fault of the entertainers.  The Springs played on Friday night and there was the same problem with the sound only not as bad. As you can see Mr. Rodriguez had a sweat towel also but whenever he used it he turned away from the audience.  lol

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